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My name is Benji and I’m here to help you make better coffee at home.

I’m not a coffee expert, nor have I ever worked as a Barista. I am however, obsessed with great-tasting coffee.

I’m here to not only improve my own coffee craft but also hopefully help you improve your home coffee-making skills.

This site is largely comprised of coffee maker reviews, coffee reviews, and coffee experiments. However, you will also find plenty of other content when it comes to making great coffee at home.

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Coffee Maker Reviews

Kalita Wave 185

Coffee Maker Review: Kalita Wave 185

Benji Walklet

Another pour over coffee maker is probably the last thing that I needed for my already too-crowded kitchen. Fortunately, the is not only incredibly small, but it also boasts several benefits my other pour over coffee makers can’t stake claim to. About the Kalita Wave The is quickly becoming one of the most popular pour over...
Bonavita BV1900ts Review

Coffee Maker Review: Bonavita BV1900ts

Benji Walklet

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Well, maybe not. But being the coffee maker nerd that I am, this is a very exciting day for me. In the past few months, the SCAA Certified list of home coffee brewers has practically doubled. Why exactly? Well, my hunch is that more and more consumers...
Behmor Brazen Plus Review

Coffee Maker Review: Behmor Brazen Plus

Benji Walklet

There’s a new SCAA Certified coffee maker in town, folks! The new and improved is the latest iteration of a feature-rich auto drip coffee maker invented by a company best-known for its popular roaster: the . I have a feeling that the is going to soon be a very popular auto drip option, as it offers...

Coffee Reviews

Ritual Coffee Roaster's Producers Pride

Coffee Review: Ritual Coffee – Producer’s Pride

Benji Walklet

Clearly, I can’t get enough of Ritual Coffee Roasters’ awesome coffee. As I’ve noted in my previous reviews, Ritual coffee is generally bright, but they always seems to hit the right level with their roasts, as I’ve never experienced anything from them that I’d describe as “sour.” I definitely had my ups and downs with Producer’s Pride...

Coffee Review: Andytown Wind and Sea Blend

Benji Walklet

This is the second bag of coffee I’ve purchased and reviewed from Andytown, and I’m even more impressed with this Wind & Sea blend than I was with the Ethiopia Yirgacheffe that I reviewed before. To me, the Wind & Sea blend is the perfect coffee for a Sunday brunch, accompanied by a nice pile of pancakes and...
Ritual Wildwood Seasonal Espresso

Coffee Review: Ritual – Wildwood Seasonal Espresso

Benji Walklet

I had already made up my mind that I was going to pick up a bag of Ritual Coffee this week, but it was this seasonal “Wildwood” espresso that caught my eye at the last minute. Since I’ve been on an espresso binge for the last few months (mostly attributed to my new grinder), I...

Coffee Experiments

Water Temperature Changes When Brewing Coffee

Coffee Experiment: How Does Water Temperature Change During the Brew Cycle?

Benji Walklet

Dear SCAA, You’ve frequently stated that for optimal coffee brewing, the water that makes contact with the ground coffee should fall between 195˚ and 205˚F. But what you failed to explain is when that water temperature is actually being read by your fancy thermometers. Let me clarify what I mean. You see, I have a...

Coffee Experiment: Pre-Heating Thermal Carafes

Benji Walklet

One of the biggest issues in the coffee world is keeping coffee hot after it has been brewed. This could be one of the reasons single-serve coffee makers have become increasingly popular over the years…people are simply tired of brewing a full pot of coffee only to have it cool after a short period of time....
Hot Brew vs Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee Experiment: Hot Brew vs. Cold Brew – Which is the Better-Tasting Coffee?

Benji Walklet

What happens when you brew the same coffee at completely different temperatures? No, I’m not talking about a difference of 5˚. I’m not even talking about a temperature difference of 20˚. Let’s try a 160˚F difference in water temperature. Yep, we’re talking about cold brew vs hot brew here. I basically want to see if...

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