Whole Bean Coffee Reviews

I review a lot of whole bean coffee these days, and every bag of coffee I’ve reviewed so far can be found below.

Keep in mind that many of these coffees are seasonal and change from year-to-year in flavor profile. As such, even if a coffee I reviewed in 2015 is still available in 2017, the coffee will very likely
“cup” differently from year-to-year. If you’re a fan of wine, you probably know that the “vintage” or the year in which the grapes were grown has an affect on the way the wine tastes. Same thing for coffee.

Because of this, my recommendation would be to start by reading/watching the most recent reviews, as these are the coffees that are most likely to still be available from their respective roasters. While flavor profiles are obviously subjective, anything that I describe about the coffee is more likely to be experienced if you’re actually drinking the same coffee from the same year.

To learn more about how I review whole bean coffee, go here.