In the early days of The Coffee Concierge I only reviewed top rated coffee makers. In fact, this site used to be under the domain

Even though I’ve broadened the scope of the coffee content I add to this site, reviewing the best coffee makers is still something I love to do. Listed above, you will find the top 10 coffee makers I’ve reviewed so far. I’ve used most of them, but in the early days of this site the best I could do was summarize the most helpful reviews I could find about a coffee maker around the web.

My stance on this has changed though, and now I only review coffee makers I’ve actually had experience using. My plan is to go back and re-review all coffee makers I haven’t yet had the chance to review, but for now, you will see a disclaimer at the top of each review if I haven’t had any experience with the coffee maker.


First off, I only review coffee makers that require freshly ground coffee. While many people like Nespresso and Keurig, I have chosen not to review these coffee makers because I don’t believe in them (for too many reasons to list here).

Second, I choose which coffee makers to review based off of how well others have reviewed the coffee maker. In other words, I only review coffee makers that are a) already top rated coffee makers or b) are new coffee makers that I think have potential to be very highly rated (coming from a reputable brand for example).


I review every coffee maker across 9 different rating categories: Price, Coffee Maker Quality, Coffee Quality, Durability, Appearance, Brew Speed, Versatility, Cleaning Ease, and Ease of Use.

You can learn more about each of these rating categories here.